Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom Set-Up Day 2

Today was about problem solving.  I decided to focus on the back wall of my classroom because it was the area that needed the most attention. 

Problem #1: Storage area

This space is in a prime location in the room, but has always been overlooked.  I wanted to make it more accessible and useful for my students.   It was full of old, unused dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a set of lime green curtains (why?!).  Also, my goodie bag and table baskets ended up vacationing here over summer break.  

After some thinking, I thought this might be a better place for all of my rainy day recess games.  I weeded out the usable dictionaries and moved them over to the library.  Then, the games moved in.  I think it looks pretty good!
Problem #1 solved!

Problem #2: Under the sink storage

Need some old dried up watercolors, crusty paintbrushes, almost-finished bottles of glue, plastic bags, or really old cleaning supplies?  Yeah, me neither.  My sink area was just plain nasty and needed a good overhaul. 

Problem #2 solved!

Problem #3: teacher resource area

This area of my classroom houses all of my curriculum, student files, and frequently used personal resources.  I keep my favorite read alouds and nicer, oversized picture books on the tall bookshelf. This is also where rainy day recess materials used to live.  I had spent a lot of time here last summer, so this was more a case of tidying up and weeding out/putting away resources I don't use very often or no longer need.  

Problem #3 solved!

Before school starts, I'm going to put a curtain up to hide the upper shelves.  Since my students don't use any of that stuff, they don't need to look at it.  

The last thing I did was set up my mementos area.  I know it looks a little tacky, but I can't help but smile whenever I look here.  Each object is tied to an unforgettable student or has an awesome story.  We all need those things in our lives to remind us why we keep going.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to work in the library and meeting area. Stay tuned!

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