Friday, August 10, 2012

Classroom Set-Up Day 5

The first dragon has been slain - I have conquered the Great Classroom Set-Up of '12.

I feel great starting the school year knowing that every cabinet and classroom space has a purpose and is completely organized and tidy.  It was time consuming and I had to give up a few days of my summer vacation, but completely worth it.  I am confident that clearing out the clutter will allow me to focus on the more important stuff during the school year rather than endlessly searching for missing items or weeding through unused stuff.

Today's first task was to fix the computer cables, because,'s just embarrassing (and probably a hazard of some sort):

Remember those lime green curtains I found smooshed behind some dictionaries on Day 2?  Turns out, they came in handy to hide this ugly mess of cords.  After taking everything apart and making all the cords look nice (you'll have to trust me on this one...), I used Velcro squares to attach one of the curtain panels to the desk.  To finish it off, I lowered the legs on a large table and placed it in front of the media cart.  I'm envisioning lots of collaborative iPad projects, writing conferences, and math games going on here.  So much nicer!

The meeting area is still a little unkempt, but has the makings of a great learning space.  Once I get the chairs out of the way, I know it'll come together quickly. This space is where we do morning meeting, calendar math, and whole group mini-lessons.  The biggest change I'm making this year is going rug-less.  I have never had a rug last more than one year, so I've decided just forgo it (even if it does tie the room together).  I've purchased several small stools from IKEA for students to use during lessons and independent reading.
At the end of the day I sat down to write an epic to-do list...feeling thankful I still have a few weeks left!

Thank you for joining me on this journey this week!  Stay tuned for more back to school fun in the coming weeks!    


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