Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Set-Up Day 3

After yesterday's chaotic cleaning spree, I needed a quieter day to sort, organize, and pretty-up my room.  My colleagues have been floating in and out of the building all week, so it's been fun to balance an unpleasant task with great hallway conversations.

One of my original goals was to re-sort and condense two three-drawer storage units into one.  I like having a place to put frequently used supplies and equipment, but I realized last year that I wasn't frequently using those supplies.  My attempts at organization were really just weighing me down!  And I just don't need six junk drawers in my life.  

This is what six junk drawers looks like.

Having just read Jane McGonigal's Reality is Broken, I decided to turn this task into a game.  I turned on some music, set the timer, and went to work!  Since I was working for speed, I employed the "dump-everything-out-and-quickly-decide-what-to-do-with-it" method.  The end result is all kinds of awesome.  The top drawer holds office supplies, the middle drawer has stickers and hall passes, and the bottom has all my techie gear.  Total time: 22 minutes. 

This was only two drawers...

So much better!
The next project was to find homes for all the books that were either waiting to be shelved or needed to be put back into the correct bin.  I also checked to make sure each book and bin had matching stickers to make returns easy for our classroom librarians.  This is a tedious process, but absolutely necessary for me to keep track of 2,000+ books!

Dictionaries + 2 cases nonfiction + 2 cases fiction picture books
Series chapter books, poetry, and drawing books
(the top shelf is waiting to be filled with graphic novels -
I know I am seriously lacking in this department!)
General fiction chapter books

And to complete the library, I put up the gallery wall of fun quotes.  I have plans for the empty space on the right involving a greeting card I found with some cute seahorses on it.

And that's what I accomplished on day three!  Tomorrow's plan is to go through my filing cabinet and make some math games.

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