Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do It Anyway

I got to see my favorite band last Monday night with my friend, Shannon. And it was awesome.

Ben Folds Five has been with me a long time. They got me through awkward teenage years, played an instrumental role in getting to know my husband during college, and have provided a rockin' soundtrack to lesson planning as an adult. Their songs carry a lot of meaning for me, and many are among my all-time favorites. 

One song, in particular, has been following me around since September. I'll admit it's not my favorite on their new album, but the message has been popping up in my head at all the right times this year. 

Do it, anyway. Risk it, anyway. Be honest, anyway. I've done all sorts of ridiculous things this year because of this song. Things I never imagined myself doing. Through this way of thinking I'm trusting myself more, enjoying new experiences, and becoming more confident. I even find myself singing it to my students - encouraging them to not get paralyzed by a voice in your head. 

There's a lot of icky stuff in education. Negative attitudes. Testing. Excessive amounts of paperwork. This song helps me find the positive, trust my professional judgement, and get what needs-to-get-done, done

What's your go-to song for a burst of confidence? Perhaps we can make an awesome mix of tunes for those times when we all need a boost.  

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